Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lulu Is My Friend

Clever, clever. The age of the internet has brought lots of different options for single run, print on demand, and personally published stuff. Cafe Press was the first, but I have never been excited by the collage of crap that you find on the site, and the all the restrictions with printing sizes and techniques. They started doing self-published books a few years ago or so, but I couldn't get the image of a crappily printed book with my name on it out of my head.

But there's a new self-publishing website online, (if not more,) Lulu! And it seems that it is getting over some major hurdles that Cafe Press had. There are plenty of different sizes of books to choose from, full color, or black and white, you can even choose between hard covers, and soft covers, and different binding techniques. The best thing is that they describe exactly what your going to get, and it's good. Nice paper, with brands color and weights right there for you to see, they even tell you the printer that they're going to use... Now this is built for designers. You can design every piece of the book, submitting a complete .pdf file for print.

This is fun! I'm getting all sorts of crazy design-studenty ideas... Zines, comics, poetry, documentations, and final portfolio pieces that I don't have to craft myself.... You can even add an ISBN number, [girlish giggle....] This is going to be so much fun! Design students need these kinds of resources!

by Lou Smith

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